Winning strategies

For the top-100 of each grand tour game we keep the complete strategy on record. Select a player and grand tour to view the strategy.
ResultRacePlayerFinal teamvalueView strategy
1Giro d'Italia 2021LE.elite€ 6.616.613,-view
2Giro d'Italia 2021alsjoh73€ 6.526.341,-view
3Giro d'Italia 2021Team Dragons€ 6.523.550,-view
4Giro d'Italia 2021Qirata€ 6.519.310,-view
5Giro d'Italia 2021Sporting72€ 6.503.686,-view
6Giro d'Italia 2021Team GAAO€ 6.479.405,-view
7Giro d'Italia 2021Spartacus1291€ 6.476.316,-view
8Giro d'Italia 2021Guane Pro Team€ 6.475.061,-view
9Giro d'Italia 2021Fanklub Szpinaku€ 6.474.337,-view
10Giro d'Italia 2021Solma di Cormano€ 6.437.713,-view
11Giro d'Italia 2021the-microwave€ 6.409.558,-view
12Giro d'Italia 2021Gaet€ 6.383.820,-view
13Giro d'Italia 2021Łyszki€ 6.375.587,-view
14Giro d'Italia 2021Braguia€ 6.369.860,-view
15Giro d'Italia 2021padosuperstar€ 6.368.579,-view
16Giro d'Italia 2021cortado€ 6.319.469,-view
17Giro d'Italia 2021Shoey€ 6.317.121,-view
18Giro d'Italia 2021Let's afford Pidcock and Van7ant€ 6.315.843,-view
19Giro d'Italia 2021Tress -€ 6.312.648,-view
20Giro d'Italia 2021stgorini€ 6.310.316,-view
21Giro d'Italia 2021Jajda€ 6.308.272,-view
22Giro d'Italia 2021Wolf of Wall Street€ 6.305.083,-view
23Giro d'Italia 2021Santa Bárbara € 6.302.026,-view
24Giro d'Italia 2021Max31670€ 6.301.670,-view
25Giro d'Italia 2021ikonomista€ 6.294.265,-view
26Giro d'Italia 2021ZorBh€ 6.291.301,-view
27Giro d'Italia 2021Já foste!!!€ 6.288.327,-view
28Giro d'Italia 2021Magma Zero€ 6.287.290,-view
29Giro d'Italia 2021Bismarck Boys€ 6.278.513,-view
30Giro d'Italia 2021ramargon€ 6.275.314,-view
31Giro d'Italia 2021Velotourist€ 6.265.505,-view
32Giro d'Italia 2021Andreas G€ 6.264.627,-view
33Giro d'Italia 2021Cuervo€ 6.259.879,-view
34Giro d'Italia 2021Rikbeer€ 6.256.781,-view
35Giro d'Italia 2021Johan0€ 6.256.549,-view
36Giro d'Italia 2021NilsPils€ 6.255.793,-view
37Giro d'Italia 2021alanstekar€ 6.252.557,-view
38Giro d'Italia 2021Zitor€ 6.250.848,-view
39Giro d'Italia 2021forrest105€ 6.249.225,-view
40Giro d'Italia 2021MortyMcfly€ 6.246.543,-view
41Giro d'Italia 2021Bonimenier€ 6.244.078,-view
42Giro d'Italia 2021BazWildeClub€ 6.240.515,-view
43Giro d'Italia 2021RaulSchleck€ 6.240.029,-view
44Giro d'Italia 2021Laurein's cycling team€ 6.239.585,-view
45Giro d'Italia 2021Team Veni Vidi Vici€ 6.239.211,-view
46Giro d'Italia 2021poreistoempers€ 6.237.523,-view
47Giro d'Italia 2021lszlkvcs€ 6.233.881,-view
48Giro d'Italia 2021euskal29€ 6.232.804,-view
49Giro d'Italia 2021Ivo001€ 6.230.803,-view
50Giro d'Italia 2021Iridefast€ 6.228.073,-view
51Giro d'Italia 2021Top 50.000€ 6.221.874,-view
52Giro d'Italia 2021Mithrandir€ 6.220.365,-view
53Giro d'Italia 2021MPy€ 6.217.993,-view
54Giro d'Italia 2021Stottrup€ 6.211.843,-view
55Giro d'Italia 2021Arthur66€ 6.210.927,-view
56Giro d'Italia 2021Harmacinsky€ 6.210.815,-view
57Giro d'Italia 2021ToonVR€ 6.204.047,-view
58Giro d'Italia 2021Gildas € 6.203.277,-view
59Giro d'Italia 2021BARCA-VELHA€ 6.203.076,-view
60Giro d'Italia 2021Roger72€ 6.199.852,-view
61Giro d'Italia 2021General_Alooon€ 6.197.293,-view
62Giro d'Italia 2021Baxter€ 6.194.624,-view
63Giro d'Italia 2021wayTOwin€ 6.186.224,-view
64Giro d'Italia 2021Team blue€ 6.181.714,-view
65Giro d'Italia 2021Pipo€ 6.178.288,-view
66Giro d'Italia 2021Guanentá Team€ 6.174.159,-view
67Giro d'Italia 2021Scherer Academy€ 6.170.039,-view
68Giro d'Italia 2021Egmax€ 6.168.893,-view
69Giro d'Italia 2021Sirius1325€ 6.166.386,-view
71Giro d'Italia 2021Vinne Jones€ 6.165.704,-view
72Giro d'Italia 2021fischmitbrot€ 6.160.044,-view
70Giro d'Italia 20211234Resl€ 6.166.266,-view
73Giro d'Italia 2021johnw987€ 6.155.269,-view
74Giro d'Italia 2021nihlo cycling team € 6.154.853,-view
75Giro d'Italia 2021Gronemeyer€ 6.154.304,-view
76Giro d'Italia 2021Hegboro€ 6.153.794,-view
77Giro d'Italia 2021Bicycle Dynamos€ 6.152.226,-view
78Giro d'Italia 2021Styvar€ 6.152.068,-view
79Giro d'Italia 2021corgias€ 6.138.044,-view
80Giro d'Italia 2021AdamH€ 6.137.842,-view
81Giro d'Italia 2021TropGrosMollet€ 6.137.142,-view
82Giro d'Italia 2021DarkHector€ 6.135.868,-view
83Giro d'Italia 2021Framstel€ 6.135.116,-view
84Giro d'Italia 2021LEgendary€ 6.133.379,-view
85Giro d'Italia 2021plakwaaiers€ 6.129.454,-view
86Giro d'Italia 2021Wazzy€ 6.127.951,-view
87Giro d'Italia 2021Team Roma Alsace€ 6.126.803,-view
88Giro d'Italia 2021Djesoos33€ 6.125.973,-view
89Giro d'Italia 2021Txapeldunak€ 6.120.817,-view
90Giro d'Italia 2021Sjeng01€ 6.118.331,-view
91Giro d'Italia 2021Benceg07€ 6.112.942,-view
92Giro d'Italia 2021McDreamy97€ 6.112.753,-view
93Giro d'Italia 2021Ferbierzo€ 6.112.503,-view
94Giro d'Italia 2021GROUTXO € 6.111.918,-view
95Giro d'Italia 2021Europeanpogghi€ 6.111.698,-view
96Giro d'Italia 2021Djakar € 6.110.676,-view
97Giro d'Italia 2021Le Grand-Bi€ 6.109.084,-view
98Giro d'Italia 2021Reki23€ 6.106.780,-view
99Giro d'Italia 2021blub blub€ 6.103.876,-view
100Giro d'Italia 2021CP71€ 6.102.279,-view
1Tour de France 2021Armchair Casuals€ 7.147.120,-view
2Tour de France 2021LEgendary€ 7.044.538,-view
3Tour de France 2021les randonneurs€ 7.005.327,-view
4Tour de France 2021elmero_2000€ 6.960.169,-view
5Tour de France 2021TeamBE€ 6.957.659,-view
6Tour de France 2021Trivelatto07€ 6.915.980,-view
7Tour de France 2021Titans€ 6.914.865,-view
8Tour de France 2021Spiky Pro Cycling€ 6.899.023,-view
9Tour de France 2021cecio96€ 6.897.185,-view
10Tour de France 2021DarkHector€ 6.891.474,-view
11Tour de France 2021Romain B.€ 6.857.926,-view
12Tour de France 2021LTT€ 6.849.922,-view
13Tour de France 2021Casterr€ 6.847.892,-view
14Tour de France 2021Limelda€ 6.830.514,-view
15Tour de France 2021johnw987€ 6.823.384,-view
16Tour de France 2021RaulSchleck€ 6.809.713,-view
17Tour de France 2021Orthogonality€ 6.807.908,-view
18Tour de France 2021AFONSO HENRIQUES€ 6.802.233,-view
19Tour de France 2021padosuperstar€ 6.801.938,-view
20Tour de France 2021PeteCrighton€ 6.789.952,-view
21Tour de France 2021Team Veni Vidi Vici€ 6.787.848,-view
22Tour de France 2021LE.elite€ 6.773.542,-view
23Tour de France 2021Qirata€ 6.761.830,-view
24Tour de France 2021eil82€ 6.758.906,-view
25Tour de France 2021Rajna€ 6.752.400,-view
26Tour de France 2021Uruñuela Cycling Team€ 6.751.448,-view
27Tour de France 2021PORTUGAL€ 6.747.342,-view
28Tour de France 2021OraDonBosco Santeramo€ 6.740.975,-view
29Tour de France 2021TheJimmyJames1970€ 6.734.785,-view
30Tour de France 2021Shoey€ 6.731.767,-view
31Tour de France 2021Gaet2€ 6.729.690,-view
32Tour de France 2021Bismarck Boys€ 6.725.244,-view
33Tour de France 2021Bicycle Dynamos€ 6.717.198,-view
34Tour de France 2021Mecilinda€ 6.716.083,-view
35Tour de France 2021Solma di Cormano€ 6.710.544,-view
36Tour de France 2021Wiesenthal€ 6.710.052,-view
37Tour de France 2021Txapeldunak€ 6.698.175,-view
38Tour de France 2021lopolopoplopo€ 6.697.170,-view
39Tour de France 2021Solvès € 6.696.344,-view
40Tour de France 2021McDreamy97€ 6.694.134,-view
41Tour de France 2021Gaet€ 6.692.614,-view
42Tour de France 2021Laurein's cycling team€ 6.689.567,-view
43Tour de France 2021Bonimenier€ 6.686.694,-view
44Tour de France 2021eglise36€ 6.682.406,-view
45Tour de France 2021Braguia€ 6.677.697,-view
46Tour de France 2021Tagadagobert€ 6.677.314,-view
47Tour de France 2021Andreas G€ 6.675.419,-view
48Tour de France 2021Johan0€ 6.664.171,-view
49Tour de France 2021Team GAAO€ 6.661.774,-view
50Tour de France 2021CP71€ 6.658.944,-view
51Tour de France 2021jpsoutost€ 6.653.816,-view
53Tour de France 2021Jajda€ 6.647.708,-view
52Tour de France 2021Ze Rocket€ 6.649.639,-view
54Tour de France 2021100juizo€ 6.646.325,-view
55Tour de France 2021Djakar € 6.635.000,-view
56Tour de France 2021MSCHF€ 6.629.813,-view
57Tour de France 2021Goat€ 6.629.789,-view
58Tour de France 2021Wazzy2€ 6.626.789,-view
59Tour de France 2021CnyPL€ 6.626.609,-view
60Tour de France 2021cortado€ 6.626.113,-view
61Tour de France 2021Já foste!!!€ 6.622.750,-view
62Tour de France 2021Turre€ 6.620.223,-view
63Tour de France 2021BARCA-VELHA€ 6.618.397,-view
64Tour de France 2021Santa Bárbara € 6.614.874,-view
65Tour de France 2021Trollstigen€ 6.612.020,-view
66Tour de France 20211234Resl€ 6.603.322,-view
67Tour de France 2021Gert-Jan Theunisse€ 6.597.541,-view
68Tour de France 2021BazWildeClub€ 6.590.797,-view
69Tour de France 2021Lens Armstrong€ 6.589.619,-view
70Tour de France 2021ikonomista€ 6.589.373,-view
71Tour de France 2021Top 50.000€ 6.580.217,-view
73Tour de France 2021Wolf of Wall Street€ 6.578.119,-view
72Tour de France 2021Iridefast€ 6.579.000,-view
75Tour de France 2021tometeruel€ 6.573.312,-view
74Tour de France 2021Ben Adam€ 6.575.141,-view
76Tour de France 2021poreistoempers€ 6.566.756,-view
77Tour de France 2021forrest105€ 6.565.196,-view
78Tour de France 2021ShanosMashers€ 6.563.880,-view
79Tour de France 2021Roeland€ 6.558.827,-view
80Tour de France 2021stgorini€ 6.554.784,-view
81Tour de France 2021Abdel€ 6.553.003,-view
82Tour de France 2021Łyszki€ 6.546.007,-view
83Tour de France 2021SaveIT€ 6.544.740,-view
84Tour de France 2021Dap€ 6.543.588,-view
85Tour de France 2021sakis€ 6.541.962,-view
86Tour de France 2021Lottefan€ 6.540.790,-view
87Tour de France 2021Clesson98€ 6.538.476,-view
88Tour de France 2021Miosotis€ 6.537.870,-view
89Tour de France 2021Team1€ 6.532.972,-view
90Tour de France 2021Cycling in arms€ 6.530.307,-view
91Tour de France 2021Pipo€ 6.529.608,-view
92Tour de France 2021ToPoDD€ 6.528.238,-view
93Tour de France 2021Bike crack€ 6.525.276,-view
94Tour de France 2021Pasqua€ 6.524.854,-view
95Tour de France 2021alsjoh73€ 6.523.309,-view
96Tour de France 2021NielsL€ 6.520.274,-view
97Tour de France 2021Supreme€ 6.519.864,-view
98Tour de France 2021Wheelies€ 6.518.805,-view
100Tour de France 2021jjjura€ 6.509.596,-view
99Tour de France 2021Ivo001€ 6.517.450,-view